"'My son loved the lessons and started to love swimming as a result!"

Victoria – Mutter

"C'est bien parce que on apprend en s'amusant!"

Julian - ProMonster

"Ich finde es toll ein Maxi-Monster zu sein. Der Unterricht und die Spiele machen viel Spaß!"

Julia - MaxiMonster

"Schwimm- und Sprachunterricht in Einem - c’est vraiment génial!"

Dorian - ProMonster

"Le cours est ludique. L'ambiance est sympathique. On n'est pas très nombreux, c'est un avantage."

Martin -ProMonster

"Wann ist wieder Mittwoch, damit ich wieder schwimmen kann?"

Laure - MaxiMonster

"Am liebsten schwimme ich Kraul, da ist man schön schnell!"

Séraphine – MaxiMonster

"Vorsprung durch Technik, auch nach 30 Jahren Kraulschwimmen kann man noch dazulernen!"

Judith - SchwimmMonster

Swimming Courses

The suitable swimming course for your child between 4 and 12 years

The children must be 4 years old when the swimming course starts. If your child is younger than four years old then you should go to the swimming pool as often as possible to get your child accustomed to the water. Children who are older than 12 years (from 13th birthday) can find a broad variety of water activities in different clubs (swimming, diving, triathlon) around Düsseldorf. 

Pleas look at the following overview to find the best time to start a swimming cours and to understand my allocation to the different swimming course levels. Of course it also happens that in MidiMonster swimming courses up until ProMonster swimming courses there are kids with different levels in one course. My work in small groups enables me nevertheless to differenciate and individualize the swimming course according to different levels of experience of the SchwimmMonster in the water. You can also read about the course description in the menu bar of the courses.    

Click on the images to enlarge them (sorry, the descriptions are so far only in german).

Beginners courses (MiniMonster) - 4- max. 8 years:


Courses for children with experience (Midi until ProMonster) - until max. 12 years: