"Ich finde es toll ein Maxi-Monster zu sein. Der Unterricht und die Spiele machen viel Spaß!"

Julia - MaxiMonster

"C'est bien parce que on apprend en s'amusant!"

Julian - ProMonster

"Le cours est ludique. L'ambiance est sympathique. On n'est pas très nombreux, c'est un avantage."

Martin -ProMonster

"'My son loved the lessons and started to love swimming as a result!"

Victoria – Mutter

"Schwimm- und Sprachunterricht in Einem - c’est vraiment génial!"

Dorian - ProMonster

"Am liebsten schwimme ich Kraul, da ist man schön schnell!"

Séraphine – MaxiMonster

"Vorsprung durch Technik, auch nach 30 Jahren Kraulschwimmen kann man noch dazulernen!"

Judith - SchwimmMonster

"Wann ist wieder Mittwoch, damit ich wieder schwimmen kann?"

Laure - MaxiMonster


The children learn in a relaxed atmosphere of exclusively rented pools. The learning pool has a size of about 17m x 8m. And the swimming pool in Eller has a lenght of 25m. 

Gerresheim - Monday and Tuesday
LSB Gräulinger Strasse
Gräulinger Strasse 103
40625 Düsseldorf

All SchwimmMonster levels are in this pool.

Please enter the school campus of the Gerricus-Schule at the entrance at Gräulinger Strasse 103. Then pass the parking lot, turn left and go around the buildings until you reach a ramp on the right side. The second door is the entrance of the swimming pool.

To reach us with public transportation please use the stopps: Gerresheim Krankenhaus (709, 713, 733, 738, 781) or Schwarzbachstraße (733, 738, 781)

To reach us with the car: Please use parking spaces at the street "Gräulinger Straße".

It is stricly forbidden to park on the campus of the school!

Eller - Wednesday (New starting August 2015)
Hallenbad Eller
Heidelberger Strasse 75
40229 Düsseldorf

In this pool only SchwimmMonster at MidiMonster level and further.

The swimming pool in Eller is in the locations of the school "Dieter-Forte-Gesamtschule" and it is used only by schools and clubs. Please cross the pool and go to the main entry on the left side of the pool. 

To reach us with public transportation please use the stopps In der Elb (730) or Vennhauser Allee with 500m walking distance (715).

To reach us with the car: Please use parking spaces next to the swimming pool.