"Am liebsten schwimme ich Kraul, da ist man schön schnell!"

Séraphine – MaxiMonster

"Le cours est ludique. L'ambiance est sympathique. On n'est pas très nombreux, c'est un avantage."

Martin -ProMonster

"'My son loved the lessons and started to love swimming as a result!"

Victoria – Mutter

"Schwimm- und Sprachunterricht in Einem - c’est vraiment génial!"

Dorian - ProMonster

"Wann ist wieder Mittwoch, damit ich wieder schwimmen kann?"

Laure - MaxiMonster

"Vorsprung durch Technik, auch nach 30 Jahren Kraulschwimmen kann man noch dazulernen!"

Judith - SchwimmMonster

"C'est bien parce que on apprend en s'amusant!"

Julian - ProMonster

"Ich finde es toll ein Maxi-Monster zu sein. Der Unterricht und die Spiele machen viel Spaß!"

Julia - MaxiMonster


Dear parents,

I have decided to put my activities in the SchwimmMonster Club on hold. I had a wonderful time with all the swimming monsters and their families. Many Thanks!
Kind regards,

Melanie Ragot

IMPORTANT: The contact form (Kontaktformular) is NOT the course inscription. It ONLY puts your name on my mailing list. For INSCRIPTION please use the INSCRIPTION DOCUMENT!!! 

  • Well informed with my information email!

I will include your name on my information mailing if you fill out the following contact form: Kontaktformular. Your information about the water expereence of your child help me to determine the best course level. You will receive my information email about 2-3 weeks before swimming courses start. I inform within this email about free places in all my course levels including the inscription document. If you did not receive a place for your child in my swimming courses please inform me if you want to stay on my information mailing.

  • Inscription for swimming courses 3 times per year!

As soon as I have finished to plan my new swimming courses I will upload the valid inscription document HERE (about Mid March, Mid Juli, Mid December). Please fill out the codument and register your child bindingly for the swimming courses. You can send me this document per Email/Fax or Mail. Since the places in my swimming courses are limited I take into accout the order I receive the inscription documents. ONLY if you have received a confirmation of your registration you child has a place in my swimming course.

Important: Your child needs to be healthy when starting a swimming course. In case of doubt please check out with a doctor bevore registration.

The following graph gives you an overview about the registration process (please click to enlarge):


  • To become a swimmer is a process!

„To become a swimmer ... is to enter in a lasting and never ending process of more and more refined human activities in the water.“ R. Catteau

I totally agree with thiw statement from Raymond Catteau and therefore every SchwimmMonster between 4 and 13 years can stay as long as he/she likes within the SchwimmMonster Club. Most of the SchwimmMonsters like it so much in the Club that thy stay much longer than only one course. ONLY If SchwimmMonster leave the Club new free places are liberated for new SchwimmMonster.

  • I do not use a waiting list!

I only know the number of free places in my different locations and course levels only 2-3 weeks before new swimming courses start.Usually I do have free places in different course levels every time new courses start. And I usually offered at least one MiniMonster (Beginners course), BUT not in every location at the same time. This is the reason why I do not use a waiting list.

  • Quality instead of quantity!

As a certified swimming school of the German Swimming Federation (DSV) I do offer swimming courses for small groups. This means that I only have a limited number of free places every time a new course starts.