"Vorsprung durch Technik, auch nach 30 Jahren Kraulschwimmen kann man noch dazulernen!"

Judith - SchwimmMonster

"Ich finde es toll ein Maxi-Monster zu sein. Der Unterricht und die Spiele machen viel Spaß!"

Julia - MaxiMonster

"Wann ist wieder Mittwoch, damit ich wieder schwimmen kann?"

Laure - MaxiMonster

"'My son loved the lessons and started to love swimming as a result!"

Victoria – Mutter

"Am liebsten schwimme ich Kraul, da ist man schön schnell!"

Séraphine – MaxiMonster

"Schwimm- und Sprachunterricht in Einem - c’est vraiment génial!"

Dorian - ProMonster

"C'est bien parce que on apprend en s'amusant!"

Julian - ProMonster

"Le cours est ludique. L'ambiance est sympathique. On n'est pas très nombreux, c'est un avantage."

Martin -ProMonster


For me, ‘knowing how to swim’ is much more than just being able to move through the water.

A child who is used to the water, who knows the basic skills (submergion, breathing, floating, gliding and jumping) and who has learned to move in various and secure ways in the water will be more likely to really enjoy swimming and continue in to later life.

The "SchwimmMonster Buch"

Since January 2012 every child receives a personalized SchwimmMonster book!

The SchwimmMonster book shows for the child and parents their development in the water. It records learning of basic skills and the child’s progress in swimming techniques. The book serves as well as a good motivation for the children on their way to learning how to swim since small and big achievements will be rewarded with check marks, stickers and stamps.

On the basis of the Swiss Swimming Model, the methodology of Raymond Catteau and my own experiences with children in the water I have developed ten different levels (from duck to marlin) in the learning of swimming which document the capabilities of your child in the water from beginner to competitive swimmer.

And if your child has the level of competence to pass one of the German Swimming Badges it can receive the diploma additionally to the SchwimmMonster book from the “Seepferdchen” up to “Jugendschwimmer Gold”.